Let's enjoy a boat trip in the great nature of Amami Oshima! Ferry to Amami Oshima Island

Located between Kagoshima and Okinawa prefectures, Amami Oshima Island allows visitors to use ferries for transportation and boat trips. Ferries connect Kagoshima and Okinawa prefectures mainly via Amami Oshima.

Unlike other methods of transportation, the ferry is a very attractive way to enjoy the beautiful ocean of the Amami Islands.
This section introduces the ferries available on Amami Oshima Island.

Ferry to Amami Oshima

The main sea route is between Kagoshima Shinko Port in Kagoshima to Motobu Port and Naha Port in Okinawa Prefecture, passing through Naze Port on Amami-Oshima Island in between. Maruei Ferry and Malix Line are the two most commonly used ferry companies on Amami Oshima, with vessels from both companies alternating between the two.

There are two routes.

Route 1: Kagoshima route

Kagoshima → Naze → Kametoku → Wadomari → Yoron → Motobu → Naha

Route 2 (Amami Shipping)

Kagoshima → Kikai → Naze → Koniya → Hetono → China

waiting area

Address:奄美市名瀬塩浜町17-2281 *Click to access GoogleMap

Route 1: Kagoshima route

This route is operated by "Ferry Akebono" and "Ferry Hamanoue" for A-Line Ferry, and "Clean Coral Plus" and "Queen Coral 8" for MARIX Line in turn. Both upbound and downbound services operate once every two days.

Downbound Timetable

Kagoshima (Departure: 18:00) → Naze (Arrival: 05:00, Departure: 05:50) → Kametoku → Wadomari → Yoron → Motobu (Arrival: 16:40, Departure: 17:10) → Naha (Arrival: 19:00)

Upbound Timetable

Naha (departure 07:00) → Motobu (arrival 09:00, departure 09:20) → Yoron → Wadomari → Kametoku → Naze (arrival 20:30, departure 21:20) → Kagoshima (arrival 08:30 the next day)

Fee *Half price for children


Special 23,050 yen, 1st class 18,440 yen, 2nd class 9,220 yen, student discount 7,380 yen, bunk 4,610 yen / 2,080 yen


Special 7,600 yen, 1st class 6,080 yen, 2nd class 3,040 yen, student discount 2,440 yen, sleeping 1,680 yen/1,050 yen


Special 24,380 yen, 1st class 19,500 yen, 2nd class 9,750 yen, student discount 7,800 yen, bunk 6,280 yen/2,080 yen

Route 2 (Amami Shipping)

"Ferry Amami (to Hiradono)" and "Ferry Kikai (to Chimei)" operate this route almost every day by A-Line Ferry, taking turns every other day.

Downbound Timetable

Kagoshima(Departure 17:30) → Kikai → Naze(Next day arrival 07:00, departure 07:30) → Koniya → Hetono → China(Arrival 14:50)

Upbound Timetable

Chona(Departure: 15:05) → Hetono → Koniya → Naze(Arrival: 19:55, Departure: 20:15) → Kikai → Kagoshima(Arrival: 10:20 on the next day)

Fee *Half price for children


1st class 18,440 yen, 2nd class 9,220 yen, student discount 7,380 yen, sleeping 3,000 yen/1,500 yen


1st class: 21,160 yen, 2nd class: 10,580 yen, student discount: 8,470 yen, bunks: 3,000 yen/1,500 yen


1st class 4,400 yen, 2nd class 2,200 yen, no student discount, sleeping 1,000 yen/500 yen


奄美星宿|奄美大島の星が降る宿 - 奄美ブルーの海を一望できる極上空間で、奄美大島の魅力に包まれるリラックスタイムを


Boat trips that can take you around the Amami Islands

On Amami Oshima Island, not only is the ferry used as a means of transportation, but there are also tours that allow visitors to enjoy the Amami Islands by boat. Here we will introduce some model courses for these tours.

Course 1: Kagoshima - Amami-Oshima - Kagoshima - 4 days and 3 nights trip

Take a ferry that departs Kagoshima in the evening and arrives at Naze Port on Amami Oshima at around 5:00 a.m. in the morning. You can enjoy the beautiful starry sky and the view of the morning sunrise on the boat.

On the second day after arriving at Amami Oshima, you can enjoy 【Ogamiyama Park → Sweets & Confiture Sonoka → Hara Hubuya → Amami Park (Amami no Sato) → Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum of Art → surf×café green hill → Amami Nature Observation Forest】.

Then, on the third day, we will go to 【Mateliya Falls → Yuwandake Park → Bee lunch → Experience the whole Kuninao village → Izakaya "Wakitamaru"】→ After that, we will take a ferry leaving from Naze Port in the evening and arrive in Kagoshima the next morning. Breakfast will be served here, so you can finish your meal before disembarking.

Course 2: One-day trip from Koniya (Amami Oshima) to Kakeroma Island

Visitors can enjoy a short cruise of about 20 to 30 minutes to Kakeroma Island by ferry departing from Koniya.On Kakeroma Island, visitors can rent bicycles and go sightseeing in Kedomi Village, Toshio Shimao Literature Monument Park, and Surihama (Shokazu Village). After returning to Koniya, you can enjoy seafood at "Kairiki" (Setouchi Umi no Eki), a direct sales store of Setouchi Fisheries Cooperative.

Other model plans are available for Okinawa, Yoronjima, Tokunoshima, and other islands, ranging from a one-day trip to a six-night/seven-day tour. All of these courses allow you to enjoy the unique sea of the Amami Islands and have an extraordinary experience.

Enjoy Amami Oshima by ferry!

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