What do they sell at Bashayama-mura ? How to get there? Recommended for buying souvenirs from Amami Oshima!

When you visit a popular tourist destination, you may be wondering where to buy souvenirs. A good place to look for souvenirs when visiting Amami Oshima is the resort facility called "Bashayamamura" located in Kasari-cho, Amami City. It can be reached from Amami Airport in about 10 minutes by car. This article will introduce you to some of the souvenirs available at Bashayama-mura!

Great access from the airport! What is Bashayama-mura…?

Bashayama-mura is a resort facility that includes a hotel, restaurant, and souvenir store. The point is that it is "the closest hotel to the sea in Amami". Visitors can enjoy aromatherapy massages, marine sports, and meals made with a variety of island ingredients.

Shimaokoshi-Ichiba is a souvenir shop located in the corner of Bashayama-mura. It is located along Prefectural Route 82, and has a parking lot for 30 cars, so you can stop by by car as well. The shop sells not only local specialties, but also handmade brown sugar confections, original character goods, and many other items you can't find anywhere else. Why don't you stop by after you have finished your sightseeing and before you return from Amami Airport?

Information of Bashayama-mura Shimaokoshi-Ichiba

Bashayama-mura Shimaokoshi-Ichiba
Phone number0997-63-1178
Opening hours9:00-20:00
Regular holidaynone

Amami's taste can be easily enjoyed at home! Introducing the products available at Shimaokoshi-Ichiba!

The taste that has long been popular in Amami Oshima can be enjoyed at home.

Keihan 1,944 yen

"Keihan(Chicken rice)" is a typical local dish of Amami Oshima. It is a dish that is still enjoyed by the people of the island. Here, they serve Keihan with homemade natural salt, but you can easily enjoy the same taste at home!

Pickled papaya 680 yen

In Amami Oshima Island, papaya has long been enjoyed not as a fruit but as a vegetable, and the restaurant in Bashayama-mura serves pickled papaya, the same flavor of which can be taken home as a souvenir. You can take the same taste home as a souvenir, and it is a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic drinks.

Kakuni(Stewed pork) 594 yen


Tonkotsu 702 yen

This is a typical Amami Oshima dish made from pork. Chopped bone-in meat, brown sugar shochu, brown sugar, and seasonings are put together and slowly simmered. This time-consuming dish, which is not easy to make at home, should be worth buying.

Ken-mun no Oyatsu

The "ken-mun" is a traditional Amami Oshima yokai, and all of their snacks are simple and delicious.

gajamame 432 yen

A simple candy made of peanuts and brown sugar. It has been loved in Amami Oshima since ancient times. The peanuts and brown sugar go well together, and the gentle taste makes the eater feel nostalgic.

Karikarimame 432 yen

Karikarimame is a snack exclusive to Bashayama-mura, a new bitter brown sugar bean made by frying Gajamame and brown sugar to a crisp. The savory and bittersweet taste is a perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea.

Banana Chips 432 yen

Banana chips from Bashayama-mura are popular among tourists. It is a simple snack made by arranging gaja beans and twisting brown sugar with banana slices. The aroma of the banana and the rich sweetness of the brown sugar are a perfect match.

Brown sugar fava beans 432 yen

It is a candy made with fava beans and brown sugar. The fava beans have a peculiar texture that blends well with the subtle sweetness of brown sugar.

Amami's salt candy: 378 yen

This candy is made with 100% homemade natural salt from Bashayama-mura. The delicious taste of the salt and the slight sweetness combine to make a delicious product, and it is also good for preventing heat stroke.

Candy with seaweed: 378 yen

This candy is made from the bittern used to make Bashayama-mura's natural salt. The nigari contains dozens of minerals, and has a gentle taste.

Bashayama-mura's original products

Bashayama-mura original T-shirt: 3,080 yen

This T-shirt is filled with love for the islands. The word "Nu" in the logo of this T-shirt has two meanings: "What?" and "a word that can be understood by the heart". On the back of the t-shirt, the word "Heart Rock" is also written.


There are also a variety of other souvenirs such as Amami's famous brown sugar shochu, products made from Oshima-Tsumugi, and products made from shellfish and coral. If you are ever in Amami Oshima, be sure to stop by Bashayama-mura and look for souvenirs that can only be found here!

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