What is the cab situation in Amami Oshima? Are there sightseeing cabs? A thorough investigation of the advantages and disadvantages

Amami Oshima is the third largest island in Japan. There are no trains running on the island. It takes a long time to visit the many tourist spots scattered here and there from the north to the south. You can rent a car or take a bus. Here we will introduce the cab situation on the island.

What's the contact info for the cab company?

On Amami Oshima Island, cabs are not so easy to find except at the airport or in the downtown area. Therefore, if you want to go around tourist spots, it is better to contact a cab company directly. Some cab companies also operate sightseeing cabs specifically for tourists. N-1 Taxi, Oshima Taxi, and Tanaka Taxi provide sightseeing cab services in Amami Oshima.

  • Company name: Tanaka Taxi
  • Phone number: 0997‐52‐6000

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of the vehicle and the time it takes, but a model course around a famous sightseeing spot costs roughly 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen. Let's compare the model courses of different companies.

N-1 Taxi

Amami Northern Tourism@Time required 6 hours

  • Sightseeing Route : Northern Amami Sightseeing
  • Time required: about 6 hours
  • Small (Capacity: 4 people): 24,000 yen
  • Jumbo (Capacity: 9 people): 36,000 yen
  • Example itinerary
    Amami Airport → Cape Ayamaru → Amami Park → Hara Habuya → Oshima Tsumugi Village → Hamachidorikan (shochu factory) → Ruins of Nanzu Saigou's exile → Ohama Seaside Park → Amami Airport or Hotel

Amami Northern Tourism@Time required 4 hours

  • Sightseeing Route : Northern Amami Sightseeing
  • Time required: about 4 hours
  • Small (Capacity: 4 people): 16,000 yen
  • Jumbo (Capacity: 9 people): 24,000 yen
  • Example itinerary
    Amami Airport or Hotel → Ohama Seaside Park → Oshima Tsumugi Village → Amami Park → Ayamaru Cape → Amami Airport or Hotel

In addition to the above, there is also the [Central to Southern Amami Tour] that takes you to Koniya, the underwater sightseeing boat "Seto," Honohoshi Beach, Mangrove Park, etc., and the [Nature (Mountain Forest and Bird Watching) Course] that takes you to Kinsakuhara Primeval Forest and Amami Nature Observation Forest. The driver has a wealth of knowledge about sightseeing spots. They can also take you to interesting places that are not listed in guidebooks.

Oshima Taxi

Omakase Course @ 3~4 hours

  • Sightseeing Route: tour guide’s selection
  • Time required: about 3 to 4 hours
  • Small (Capacity: 4 people): 13,800 yen
  • Jumbo (Capacity: 9 people): 21,000 yen
  • Example itinerary
    Amami Museum → Ocean Exhibition Center (Ohama Seaside Park) → Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Nase → Arimori Shrine, etc.

Ancient Nature Trail: West Coast Tour (4-5 hours)

  • Sightseeing Route : West Coast Tour
  • Time required: about 4 to 5 hours
  • Small (Capacity: 4 people): 18,400 yen and up
  • Jumbo (Capacity: 9 persons): 28,000 yen and up
  • Example Itinerary
    Kuninao Fukugi Avenue→ Wildlife Conservation Center→ Deokohama Cliff→ Mineyama Park Observatory→ Arangati Falls→ Ocean Exhibition Hall (Ohama Beach Park)

There is also the "Amami's Romantic Road Course" which takes visitors to brown sugar manufacturing stores, and the "Mountain, River and Waterfall Experience and Walk Course" which takes visitors to mangrove parks and materia waterfalls. The model sightseeing course is only a guide. If you have any requests, the course can be arranged according to them.

Tanaka Taxi

Half-day sightseeing in northern Amami@3~4 hours

  • Sightseeing Tours:Northern Amami Sightseeing
  • Time required: about 3 to 4 hours
  • Small (Capacity: 4 people): 16,000 yen and up
  • Jumbo (Capacity: 9 persons): 25,200 yen and up
  • Example Itinerary
    Naze City Hotel or Airport → Nishigo Minamisu Ruins → Hama Chidokan (shochu workshop) → Amami Oshima Communicator Village → Cape Ayamaru → Amami Park → Naze City Hotel or Airport

This cab company also allows you to change the plan according to your budget and time, and to the sightseeing spots you want to visit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a cab?

Advantage 1: Flexible response to customers.

The first advantage of cabs is that they can set up a course that suits the person's needs. As mentioned above, sightseeing cabs can not only suggest a model course, but also tailor it to the needs of the customer. If it is your first time to visit Amami Oshima and you are not sure where to go, the model course will help you decide where to go. They will also be flexible if you want to visit your favorite spots or want to visit spots that are not listed in the brochure.

Advantage 2: High efficiency

The second advantage is that you can visit many places even in a short time. In a cab, a professional driver will guide you along an efficient route, taking into account road congestion and other factors, so you can see the sights efficiently.

Merit 3: You don't have to drive yourself.

The third advantage is, of course, that you don't have to drive. At the Hamachidori-kan (brown sugar shochu factory), which is included in some model courses, you can taste some of the products. Since you don't have to drive, you can enjoy it together.

Disadvantage: High price

One disadvantage is that they are more expensive than local buses and rental cars. Although the benefits are expected to be worth the price, cabs can be quite expensive per person depending on the number of people. It is advisable to check the price difference with other means of transportation before using them and choose the one that best suits the number of people.

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