Tsuchimori Coast

Recommended beaches in Amami Oshima! Top 5 Beautiful Beaches Known Only to Locals

One of the highlights of Amami Oshima is the emerald green sea! You can enjoy snorkeling, diving and beaches where you can swim with sea turtles. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the East China Sea and the Oshima Strait, Amami Oshima is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful sunsets and unspoiled nature. In the first place, is it possible to swim in Amami Oshima all year round? What is the best season? Amami Oshima has an average annual temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius, making snorkeling and diving possible all year round! However, winters are cold and it can be chilly even when wearing a wetsuit. However, winter is cold and it can be chilly even in a wetsuit. If you want to enjoy swimming and marine activities in a bathing suit, early summer to early autumn is recommended. The rainy season in Amami Oshima is from May to June. Considering the typhoon-prone month of September, the best time to visit is from the end of the rainy season in late June to mid-July when there are fewer crowds. This period also coincides with the spawning season of sea turtles, which increases the chance of encountering sea turtles! Amami Oshima's […]